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The 5 Most Important Home Maintenance Tasks Many Forget to Do that extends the value and life of a home…

1. Cleaning the gutters regularly. …
2. Checking in on the air conditioning and heating system (typically by HVAC profession costing around $90 in the Lexington area). …
3. Regularly flushing out clogs (have a tried and true method) . …
4. Calling the exterminator in a timely fashion. …
5 Draining the hot water heater regularly. …

When buying your next home, make sure YOUR home inspector “inspects” these vital components and so so much more. This in depth information gives you a clear understanding of the health of the new home you are purchasing and prepares you to care for your new home to ensure your investment.
Need someone to give you the full picture and who answers your questions no matter how small? Give me a call 859-608-0082 or easily schedule here on my website.

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